Selecting the Right Vibration Isolation System

Understanding Your Project's Needs

Standard or custom: which is right for you? A research scientist or engineer must balance a complex set of requirements whenever designing a new lab, specifying a new measurement or inspection device, or embarking on a new research project. In particular, when specifying vibration isolation for sensitive equipment, there are several key factors to take into consideration:

  • External dimensions of the instrument to be isolated (width, depth, height)
  • Instrument or system mass
  • Where is the center of gravity (CG) of the instrument?
  • Vibration specification, if applicable
  • Location of the equipment within the facility (e.g., cleanroom on a suspended floor)
  • Nature of the work: manufacturing, quality assurance, biomedical research, optics/photonics laboratory, etc.

Talk to Us at the Beginning of Your Project!

Kinetic Systems offers a full range of vibration control products in a wide variety of configurations to meet your specific isolation needs. What Vibration Isolation Needs Does Your Project Require?From our largest quad-tuned optical table to the smallest benchtop system, chances are we have a standard product that can handle the capacity and isolation requirements of your instrument, system, or laboratory. But what if your needs aren’t met by a pre-existing, standard product? Kinetic Systems is ready to work with you to create a custom solution to meet your exact specifications. We have decades of experience working directly with customers to create custom vibration control systems.

We have found that considering vibration isolation requirements as early as possible in the design of the project helps the entire process run smoother. Often, customers come to us with their end goal, and we are able to create a custom solution that allows them to realize their vision with minimal compromise. Conversely, many customers have reached out to us believing they needed a system that was larger or more complex than necessary. We’ve been able to leverage our decades of practical experience to provide efficient, economical solutions.

Over the years, we have designed and manufactured many custom optical tables, workstations, benchtop platforms, stand-alone isolators, and other related systems and accessories. In addition to designing platforms specifically for individual instruments, we have also worked with customers to design custom systems for their laboratory, cleanroom, or other workspace. Because floor space is often at a premium in these high-tech environments, we offer compact workstations designed for minimal footprint. In these cases, for system stability, it is important to make sure that the height of the instrument’s CG does not exceed 25% of the smallest base dimension of the workstation. Where this metric can’t be achieved, we can design the system to include a counter-balance mass (CBM) welded to the table top, thus lowering the effective system CG, and ensuring stability even when the system is “floating.”

Selecting a Standard Product

Does your project require a standard product or a custom product? Both options have their own set of benefits. Standard products are generally quicker to manufacture and quicker to pack, resulting in the shortest possible time-to-delivery. And of course, a standard product typically has a lower price point than a custom design.

At Kinetic Systems, we pride ourselves on anticipating our customers’ needs and evolving our product lines accordingly. For example, one of our standard products was designed in response to a request from a customer that had two researchers—one very tall, one much less so—sharing the same workstation in alternating shifts. Our solution? The variable-height workstation, which enables organizations to optimize laboratory ergonomics while still taking advantage of Kinetic System’s legendary Vibraplane isolation performance. The Variable-Height Workstation is now part of our standard stable of workstations to fit nearly every space configuration and every budget. Our standard workstations are all offered with numerous accessories, enabling researchers to create a variety of custom configurations using off-the-shelf systems and products.

Custom Products

If custom is the way you want—or need—to go, our team is ready to work with you to solve your projects’ needs from the initial stages of planning through installation. Let our engineers work with yours to provide optimal vibration control performance, even where space is tightly constrained. A properly designed custom vibration isolation system can improve the overall productivity of your project or research—leading to less wasted time and better, more reliable results.

Still unsure if your project will be best supported by a custom design or a standard product? Give us a call! Or, if you’re the quiet type, send us a note using the “chat” feature below. One of our engineers will be in touch within a business day to help you to specify the optimal solution for your vibration control needs.

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Why Kinetic Systems, Inc.?

Kinetic Systems, Inc. (KSI) has been at the forefront of vibration isolation and control since its inception in 1968. Through continuing research of vibration effects on equipment and structures, Kinetic Systems, Inc. has pioneered many state-of-the-art developments in vibration isolation, damping, and structural design. By continually striving for and producing a superior product, KSI has become a trusted name in academic, industrial, and government research facilities worldwide. We are committed to offering the very finest advanced vibration isolation and control systems and optical tables. We support a continually evolving range of precision applications in metrology, interferometry, laser research, semiconductor manufacturing, and virtually anywhere external vibrations adversely affect the operation of precision equipment.

Kinetic Systems’ Optical Tables are available in nearly any size imaginable and can be specified with or without vibration control. Our BenchMate series of tabletop vibration-control platforms combines legendary isolation performance with simplicity of installation. And we offer Vibration Isolation Workstations for virtually any application, whether for a cleanroom, research laboratory, or factory floor. Choose from one of our standard configurations, or contact one of our sales engineers to discover the best solution for your vibration isolation requirements.

All Kinetic Systems, Inc. products are made in the USA.

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