Industries that Rely on Vibration Control Technology

Exploring the Diversity of Applications—from Aerospace to Zoology


When working with sensitive equipment, it is often helpful—and sometimes necessary—to minimize external vibrations from the floor. As sensing technologies advance, and measurement devices are capable of ever-increasing resolution, the need to control environmental interference increases commensurately.

Vibration control is a “must-have” for core research laboratories in a wide number of industries that undertake the study of scientific principles—used by scientists, engineers, and analysts across various segments in academia, industry, and government. At the other end of the research-to-consumer technology pipeline, vibration isolation is also mandatory for manufacturing quality control in any industry that requires ultra-high precision (e.g. aerospace) or works at ultra-small scales (e.g. semiconductors).

If your field requires precise measurements or high-resolution imaging, then it’s likely that vibration control technology would be a benefit to you, as it enables your equipment to perform at the highest level. Engineers at Kinetic Systems, Inc. routinely solve a wide variety of complex vibration isolation problems for customers in applications as diverse as aerospace, medical research, laser R&D, and semiconductor fabrication and testing.

Vibration Control in the World

For the aerospace industry, NASA has used Kinetic Systems’ optical tables in developing a laser-guided navigation sensor that could help future rovers make safe, precise landings on Mars or destinations beyond.

Nasa Using Kinetic Systems Products

Moving from cutting-edge applications to core science, a Photonics research lab at a major university features a Coherent laser set up on a Kinetic Systems optical table.Coherent Laser Set Up on a Kinetic Systems Optical Table

Kinetic Systems’ products can help even when vibration control is not required. Here, student researchers at University of Chicago’s Marine Biological Laboratory use a Kinetic Systems optical breadboard in their Grass Fellowship neuroscience research.Marine Biological Laboratory Uses Kinetic Systems Optical Breadboard

At a major semiconductor research center, a Cascade Micro wafer probing station is used to physically acquire signals from the internal nodes of a semiconductor device. Its manipulators allow thin needles to be precisely positioned on the wafer surface. The Kinetic Systems Series 9100 Workstation platform used in this application helps make sure that vibrations from the floor do not disturb the thin needles. Any vibrational interruptions would create unwanted noise on the signal, which could lead to false conclusions about the device’s performance.Cascade Micro Wafer Probing Station on Kinetic Systems Series 9100 Workstation

A Leica microscope is supported by a Kinetic Systems BenchMate platform at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL). CSHL performs cutting-edge biomedical research with programs in cancer, neuroscience, and plant biology.Leica Microscope on Kinetic Systems BenchMate

A confocal microscope is supported by a Kinetic Systems Series 1200 workstation. Researchers at UC Irvine’s Hunt Laboratory for Neuroscience are using this equipment to develop advanced therapies for rare brain diseases and injuries.Confocal Microscope on Kinetic Systems Series 1200 Workstation

Why Kinetic Systems, Inc.?

Kinetic Systems, Inc. (KSI) has been at the forefront of vibration isolation and control since its inception in 1968. Through continuing research of vibration effects on equipment and structures, Kinetic Systems, Inc. has pioneered many state-of-the-art developments in vibration isolation, damping, and structural design. By continually striving for and producing a superior product, KSI has become a trusted name in academic, industrial, and government research facilities worldwide. We are committed to offering the very finest advanced vibration isolation and control systems and optical tables. We support a continually evolving range of precision applications in metrology, interferometry, laser research, semiconductor manufacturing, and virtually anywhere external vibrations adversely affect the operation of precision equipment.

Kinetic Systems’ Optical Tables are available in nearly any size imaginable, and can be specified with or without vibration control. Our BenchMate series of tabletop vibration-control platforms combines legendary isolation performance with simplicity of installation. And we offer Vibration Isolation Workstations for virtually any application, whether for a cleanroom, research laboratory, or factory floor. Choose from one of our standard configurations, or contact one of our sales engineers to discover the best solution for your vibration isolation requirements.

All Kinetic Systems, Inc. products are made in the USA.

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